NEVER MIND!!!!!!!!!! LILI DIDN'T DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!! So recently I was telling mom how Lili told people and mom was like are you sure and then I thought wait what if it wasn't her... So I asked Alania if Lili told her for sure and she was like "What? No Adam told me and I assumed... Continue Reading →


Hey Guys! I just wanted to tell you that Silveyyy and I both have Wattpad accounts. We both mostly write about Dramione so it would be cool if you guys could come check it out. (Me) --> Goldeyyy (Silveyyy) --> Silveyyy ~Maia Victoire~

Blog Rules- Author Edition

Hey Authors! Today I just wanted to make a list of rules so that everything is cleared up and we don't have to worry about stuff. Don't comment on your own posts unless it's an emergency. Don't comment on other authors posts. It makes the blog look lonely.😂😂😂 You have to post on here at... Continue Reading →

Trust is fragile

Okay so you know how I said I hate Adam? Plot twist! It wasn't him... So recently I have been hanging out with Alania because she was feeling left out and needed someone to talk to. So today me and Alania were hanging out when Nikolas came over and out of the blue asked me out.... Continue Reading →

Boredom forever

If you ever feel like you are so bored and would like to be anywhere else doing anything else then try being me for today and you will beg to go back to your normal life The entire week and last week we were doing Project Based Learning (PBL) which is something the school does... Continue Reading →

Couples are annoying

Sooo... The issue today is that everyone is in a relationship with someone else... Stella is dating Adam, Ash is dating Michal, Alania is dating Chris #1, Hailey is dating Yee, Aria is dating some random guy thats not even in the school and yet NO ONE LIKES MEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just don't get it, all... Continue Reading →

The pest of the school

Well, crap happened today... So theres this kid named Bob (let's call him that) and he has a MAJOR crush on Stella. But Stella is TOTALLY uninterested because he's fat, snotty, piggy, a brat and very, very creepy. He stalks Stella 24/7 and every time the teachers aren't watching he tries to abuse her. Luckily... Continue Reading →

Good news, bad news…

Hey guys! So I have great news! But I also have terrible news... The good news? Stella and Adam are dating! I spent the whole day trying to get those two together. I told Stella to tell him SOMETIME and she promised to tell him. They want to keep it private but OF COURSE Lili... Continue Reading →

Choir Concert

Hello! It's Silver (Silveyyy) and we had a choir concert 2 days ago. I don't have anything to say.   IT WAS HORRIBLE!!!   In the last song, Ode to Joy, we couldn't hear us AT ALL. The band was WAAAAAAAYYYYYY to loud and no one could hear us. Also, there was this one guy... Continue Reading →

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