Very recently…People helped me

Helping Others

Very recently, I was at church. Mass ended and the only friend I have for the after mass activities was not there that day. I looked for an empty table and sat down, and for the first half of our dinner before the activities, I was sitting alone. Until a girl came up to me and asked me why I was sitting alone. I told her why and she went back to her table to ask the other people if I could sit with them. So for the rest of the time I was sitting with them having a great time. Now, every time my other friend is not at the after mass activities, I sit with the other group of people and I don’t have to sit at dinner alone.

So, be the person that sits next to people you don’t know. It will mean the world to them. (Trust me, I know). Make sure no one is ever alone. How will you help other people to not sit alone at lunch during school? Answer in the comments below!!!



P.S. Click on the link to see a drawing of a person helping another person by Jo. (This is not her real name but I am keeping everything anonymous.


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