Why I changed

So far my life has been good. I got good grades on my report card, I have a ton of friends, and well, life is great. But things are probably going to change soon. But the main reason is why I decided to write about my life instead of tips for girls. I technically will be still writing tips because I will be asking you to write your opinions in the comments below.

The real reason that I changed my blog though, was that I was inspired. Inspired by a book. That book really taught me a bunch of things, like, never be afraid to show your true self. That book, was Girl Online by Zoe Sugg. It is about a girl who is going through a ton of trouble on the internet, but always keeps her faith in blogging. She blogs about her life and the things that happen to her.

That is why I wanted to make this blog different. I wanted it to be like Girl Online’s blog. So from now on you will be seeing a ton of things about my life. Also I will be asking for your opinions if I need help choosing what to do in one of my problems.

You guys are the best!!!!!!!!!



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