School Dance

School dances are sometimes a big deal. And as I learned, can be VERY, VERY TRAUMATIZING. Especially if you told your crush you liked him.πŸ˜…

That is what happened to me. I did not exactly tell him, but, one of my friends asked me if I they could tell my crush that I liked him. I said I would leave that up to them, and I ran into the bathroom to hide from him. #ScardeyCat!!

After a while I walked out of the bathroom and saw my two friends talking to each other. They told me that they told him, and I started to freak out!

He has been acting normal, and we still goof off. So I hope that me telling him wont ruin our relationship.

Did something like this happen to you? What should I do next?Β Post in the comments below!!

More Later,





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