I owe my friend… In soccer?πŸ˜…


Today I was visiting my old school and my friend really wanted to play soccer with me. BTW I HATE SOCCER!!!!!! Anyway, I kept saying I would play with her after she did a bunch of stuff. I kept stalling until my parents got to school to pick me up.

So now… because I didn’t play soccer with her, I have to play it with her the next time I go to visit my old school. I donwanna!!!! I hate soccer and I absolutely suck at it so… I am pretty much DOOMED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guess I have to face it…😒😣


P.S. I will get completely OWNED by her.Β (Yes you CHELSEA!!!!!!!). If you read this then I will keep stalling so watch out…πŸ˜‰.


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