Too Cool for School

Hey Guys!

I am at school right now. It is study hall, but I have most of my homework done so I’m okay. NOTHING is happening in my life right now, if anything is going on with you, then please comment down below!!! Thanks!

See You Later!


P.S. I will update on Ducky soon enough. Once something INTERESTING happens!😁



5 thoughts on “Too Cool for School

Add yours

  1. If you are still lonely, you can just do something nice to someone and they will do something nice to you back and avoid the super loud people that always shout out during class like Coleslaw because they are just gonna say something that upsets you or get you into trouble.

    ~Z 😎


  2. Hi Anonymous!
    I think you should try to look for other people that are lonely and try talking to them! You won’t be lonely then! If that doesn’t work then you could try to look for other people you might like that are not lonely and you could join their group of friends! I hope it works! If it does them please tell me how it goes!


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