SPRING BREAK!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Guys!

Spring break is one of my favorite times of year. Why? because it’s not hot out. It’s also not cold. And the best part, I get to travel!!!! ALOT!!!! I usually go to 3 places a year. One of which is always Poland because my family originated from there and all of my family lives there except for me, my mom, my bro, and my dad.

This year, for winter break we went to London. You all know that I love Harry Potter and so we went to see everything we could that had to do with Harry Potter. We are going back over the Summer because we didn’t get to see the Harry Potter museum because it was closed.

For Spring break, I am in Canada. In Victoria, Canada. We came by sea plane and so far it has been great! We had lunch at Dog-Gone-It (Hot dogs). We went to Starbucks and got some coffee. We went to Munroe’s Books and I got “St Clare’s The First Year”. After that we sat down and I read my book. Then we went back to the hotel and that is where I am now, listening to Spotify, and writing this post.

Share what you are doing over break! Whether it is traveling all the way to Egypt or just traveling to you couch!😉

See you guys later!!!!



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