Events of the day. By Nutmeg


This is not Mai. This her friend Nutmeg. She let me post on here. Nutmeg is not my real name but the rules of the internet say no real names. I took Mai’s laptop after some begging and she said to “let loose”. I decided to tell you the events of the day from my perspective. So this morning she came sliding on her knees right in front of my locker and we went to sit on the benches like usual. We came up with an elaborate plan to trick Ducky Boy. We would use a “friend”(yeah riiiiiight) from Mai’s old school to make it look like she was over Ducky. So Ducky walked up the stairs as usual and as he walked up I very idiotically made a comment about the boy from her old school who I will call, Sonnie. Ducky shot us a weird look and we burst into giggles. Later, at lunch AT THE REQUEST OF MAI NOT AT MY OWN WILL CUZ MY FRIEND M&M MADE ME, we told Ducky that Mai didn’t like him anymore. Later at a homeroom Easter party, I asked Ducky if a) He wanted me throw a water balloon at him or b) shove him out the window. He said neither. He’s no fun. Later in line at the party, I teased him by bringing up the sensitive subject of a Trilopod. Long story. I said “hey duckie, look at that Trilopod!” He said in mock anger, ” how big?” And I said, about the size of your brain and made a small circle with my hand. All the boys were like “SHOTS FIRED BRUH!” Now i am wondering how many elephants it would take to trample him to pulp. Anywho, Toodles!



8 thoughts on “Events of the day. By Nutmeg

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  1. I got bad grammar but having bad grammar is fun and NutMeg should be on the blog more like once every two weeks or something.


  2. Instead of not throwing a water balloon at him or not shoving him out the window, you shoulda just done both…


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