The Evil Coleslaw

Heeeyyyyyyyy Guys and Gals! So not to long ago I posted about Springs dating Sheep. Well even though I don’t really approve of the whole thing, it’s more their issue then mine. I just want things to run smoothly and if that’s what makes them happy, so be it. But any way Sheep’s close friend now dubbed Coleslaw, is kinda mad that Springs and Sheep are together. Let me define Coleslaw in three short words, jerk,jerk,jerk. I don’t want to into detail but that is a general overview of exactly how he is. So basically he is trying to get them to break up, and I spent about 20 percent of science class along with every other girl in the room yelling at him to let it go, as he is making things miserable. After school, as I was careening down the hall with Memma, Coleslaw was hollering at Springs that Sheep was breaking up with her ( still laughing at the name Sheep) and Sheep saying ” no I’m not “. So I told Coleslaw to shut up and he told me to shut up. I’m 99.99999999999999999 percent sure that Coleslaw is jealous. What do y’all think? Tell me in the comments! Until next time TOODLES



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