I’m not sure…


I have two things to write about so lets get started!

I’ve been thinking that in a few weeks maybe I could add a new person that is why I put up the poll. Nothing is certain though because I haven’t talked about it with her. But just in case, tell me who you want. I will put the options below.

NutMeg is hiding something from me. She keeps talking with Memma and the minute I walk over there they stop talking. If Memma starts talking about it then NutMeg denies everything she says and it is really getting ON MY NERVES. Unless… she is planning something… Something to do with me…? I’m not sure.

See You!



Comment on who you want!!!!

  • Memma😺
  • Zanel🐶
  • RiRi🐺



5 thoughts on “I’m not sure…

Add yours

  1. Yeah… If she’s that kind of friend, then I think you and her will be splitting apart soon.
    Sometimes friends seem nice for a long time, but suddenly they hit a hard core, and that’s when they start being mean. Some friends don’t have a core, which is that type of friend that will stay with you forever.
    Being a nice and awesome person, I’m sure you have other friends, though, and I know that at least one of them surely is the loyal and kind type of friend.
    Hope you get this figured out.


  2. Dude add whoever you want and feel most comfortable with on this thing…

    or add no one if you think that someone will feel bad if they don’t get picked or whatever.


  3. Hi! I wasn’t sure how to add a comment with the new set up, but seeing your newest post, I decided to try harder to find it. Found it! I think you should talk to nutmeg and ask her what’s going on, because it’s really making you upset. You should add whoever you want! Cool!


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