Lacrosse Jamboree


Sorry that I haven’t been able to post in a while. Today I will talk about the last 4 lax games. We went to a huge park/area thing and played on the different fields there. We won all of our 4 games. The last one was the closest. We won 3-2. This is because they missed the goal on the last few seconds. If they had scored, we would have had to go over-time.

But… That was the last game with the Eighth Graders. We are all sad. I really liked the eighth graders. The were social with us and they were amazing at lax. This gave me a chance to know them. Next year, I will be in seventh grade, and I will be teaching the sixth graders. I am super excited. We are on our last week of school too. I am really happy, and I hope you have a good summer!!!!!

C u L8tr!!!



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