Ducky… again.

Hey Guys!

Last time I posted we were left with me sitting next to Ducky in Spanish. OH GOD. So much stuff has happened while I had my blog down. Let’s start at the very beginning.

My Spanish teacher put Ducky next to me, right? So, the next day, in health (this is never a good start) we had to do a project. We couldn’t choose partners. So who was I paired up with? I think you know the answer. Ducky and I worked on our project and actually kind of had fun since we’d sat next to each other before. So, um, we got a D on the project, I got pissed, oh well. The next week we had P.E. I was in Doug’s class. So, you may be thinking, oh well, you can’t have been paired AGAIN. You’re right. We weren’t. At least in PE we weren’t. At this point I was kind of sick of it. I didn’t want any more drama but I still wanted to be friends with Ducky, so I started smiling at him in the halls. BAD MOVE. He probably thought I still had a crush on him. PE ended a few weeks later and we went back to Health. We had a new seating chart. CAN YOU GUESS WHO I WAS PAIRED UP WITH?? I bet you can. So, people laugh, I internally cried, and then another project happened. I was paired up with the weirdest people EVER. For starters, Ducky. The two other guys I was paired up with were Coop and Den ( let’s call them that). Den is so weird. He wore fluorescent neon purple knee high socks. WUT???? Um, yeah. We got an A though so it was cool.

So, yeah. NOW I HAVE A CRUSH ON HIM AGAIN. WHY???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


Oh, yeah. I go to a religious school so one semester I went to PE and now I have religion. That gives the teacher another chance to pair us up. FUN FUN FUN!!!!!

See you guys!

~Maia Victoire~


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