Hello I’m bored and my mom’s not here to pick me up from school so ya. I changed my name to Silveyyy because I did. It’s a really important reason. I think I have a life but i’m not completely sure. I’m pretty sure I left it at McDonalds though. I’m kinda obsessed with the Harry Potter series so ya. I ship Dramione. DRAMIONE IS DA BEST THING EVA!!!!!!!!!! I’s still recovering from my sugar high that I had on Sunday that I got from chocolate ice cream. You DONT want to be around me when I have a sugar high. I am COMPLETELY NUTS. At school, I absolutely HATE talking but if you give me three marshmallows, or a small piece of chocolate, I will go nuts and be a crazy person who screams at Dramione fanfiction and throw my phone across the room if they get a spell or name wrong. Once I saw Hermione Marie Granger, and I went absolutely CRAZY. I threw my phone across the room and went around the house screaming about how people need to learn their Harry Potter. Okay, well my mom’s here now and I gotta go BYE!!!!






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