Hello World!

Hello everybody! My name is TheAmazingJo but you can just call me Jo. I am a really close friend to Maia and even though we live in different states we still remain great friends. So now I will be writing about my life! I will try to post at least once a day but if I miss a day then I was busy so please forgive meh! And when I write in here I will not use any real names in real life so I will replace them with placeholder names. So I will tell you what is currently happening in my life:

Right now my closest friend in my school is Stella. I am one of the popular girls along with Stella, Abigail, Aria, Hailey and Ash. I also know a lot of other people too like Lili, Alania, Melanie, Maggie, Iggy, Marley, Larissa, Chris #1 and #2, Nikolas, Bob, Adam, Jacob, Yee, Domino, Wolverine and a bunch more. A lot of people are at war with each other like Lili is at war with Alania, Hailey is at war with Aria, Stella is at war with Bob, almost the whole school is at war with Iggy and I am secretly at war with Adam. So, yeah drama is happening! But the biggest drama is “crush drama”. So, I have a crush on Domino. And it just so happens that Stella has a crush on Adam (the person I hate). Why do I hate Adam? Well, I told Lili that I like Domino and then Adam tricked her into telling him. And then he told the whole school… Yep… And then I found out that Domino doesn’t like me back. I forgave Lili and people think I have forgiven Adam but I secretly hate him. But it’s extremely clear that Adam likes Stella back and since Stella IS my friend I have to help her. Plus I heard a rumor that Domino likes Stella so I have to try to put some distance between them. But it’s just a rumor so who knows whats true.

So, uh, basically I will help Stella with Adam tomorrow. She will confess and I will be there to either congratulate them or give Adam a piece of my mind.



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