Good news, bad news…

Hey guys!

So I have great news! But I also have terrible news…

The good news? Stella and Adam are dating! I spent the whole day trying to get those two together. I told Stella to tell him SOMETIME and she promised to tell him. They want to keep it private but OF COURSE Lili has to be nosy and bug Stella about it. Stella doesn’t want to tell her because Lili already betrayed me. Very understandable… I also got invited to stay at Stella’s house for dinner and I obviously accepted. When I was there at one point we were talking about crushes and Stella admitted that she once had a crush on Domino, but she knew he was too young for her (considering she’s 15 and Domino is 13). And when she found out that I like him she decided never to have a crush on him again. As long as she only likes him as a friend then I’m cool… She also tried to convince me to… you know, ask him out. I was at first like: “No, he doesn’t like me” but then she said maybe I just needed to give him time, and that she will help me just like I helped her. I guess I’ll let her help me… I honestly doubt that it will work but I have to give her a chance. I’ll be leaving the school next year so if I keep putting it off I will get nowhere.

So the bad news. While I was at Stella’s house her brother was also there with his friend. At one point they called a tomato plant a flamingo and told me and Stella to “pet” it. We were like “No thank you, that’s a little creepy” and then they started to get physical and punch their way into making us do it. Luckily they were very weak and I applied some of my moves from karate, but I didn’t want to hurt them too badly or else I would get in trouble. They weren’t really a problem except they were constantly bugging us. We had to threaten to tell the parents and they stopped. That was weird and no way to treat a guest. I don’t think I will ever go over to their house again.

And the moral of the story? Friends can be a blessing and a curse.



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