The pest of the school

Well, crap happened today…

So theres this kid named Bob (let’s call him that) and he has a MAJOR crush on Stella. But Stella is TOTALLY uninterested because he’s fat, snotty, piggy, a brat and very, very creepy. He stalks Stella 24/7 and every time the teachers aren’t watching he tries to abuse her. Luckily Stella is very popular and Bob is unpopular and so the whole school would rush to protect Stella. So today he said he got over her and everyone was like “No we don’t believe it” so we made a deal that he will prove that he is over Stella by not talking to her. It didn’t work. He still talked to Stella. In fact I heard that there was a new kid coming to the school so I made sure I made a good first impression in the morning before school (he was actually coming tomorrow). Bob was eavesdropping on me and Stella’s conversation today when I was telling her that I did a lot to get ready in the morning like take a shower the night before and put on scented lotion. THEN Bob was like “OMG WHY DID YOU JUST SAY THAT???” and I was like “Say what? It’s not like I was saying anything inappropriate!” and he was like “You said lo- lot- loo-” and I was like “Lotion???” and he was like “YES! The word…”

So basically Bob has a deathly fear of lotion?

When we figured that out we knew the only way to get him to leave us alone was to say lotion and he would run away. So that’s what we did. In fact, word got out and the whole school started doing it for no reason. Bob then decided to be a snitch and tell Ms. Kira. THEN she got everyone (it wasn’t the whole school, just the people who weren’t trying to tease him) and made them write out what happened (including me). Everyone got pissed, I was pissed the most, and now Bob is officially the most hated person at the school.

And the moral of the story? Weaknesses should sometimes NOT be used against people…




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