Couples are annoying

Sooo… The issue today is that everyone is in a relationship with someone else… Stella is dating Adam, Ash is dating Michal, Alania is dating Chris #1, Hailey is dating Yee, Aria is dating some random guy thats not even in the school and yet NO ONE LIKES MEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just don’t get it, all of the people at this school are either dating someone or has a crush on someone but NOBODY has a crush on me??? WUUUUT?????? Ok, fine maybe Ben and Nikolas and Bob and Derrick and Jerry like me but I want someone who is actually cute to like me! My whole life I was used to every boy in every school I went to liking me and I could pick whoever I want. But now NO ONE LIKES ME AT ALL!!!!

And the moral of the story? Don’t get used to special treatment because it doesn’t last.



3 thoughts on “Couples are annoying

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  1. True, true… No one dates people at your school? Interesting… Maybe you could be the first to start a trend! Try asking your crush out! (that is, if you even like someone)


  2. Meh, most of us don’t. It’s ok. At least someone likes you though, right? That kind of thing does not really happen at all at my school. No one really dates any one at my school. I guess people have crushes but no one dates anyone…as far as I know that is. I don’t pay much attention and I am not in the popular group so I don’t really know much of that stuff.


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