Trust is fragile

Okay so you know how I said I hate Adam? Plot twist! It wasn’t him…

So recently I have been hanging out with Alania because she was feeling left out and needed someone to talk to. So today me and Alania were hanging out when Nikolas came over and out of the blue asked me out. I was like “No! I already like someone!” and he was like “Hm, I have a pretty good idea about who it is…” and he walked off. Alania was like “OH! Who do you like?” I just stared at her and then she was like “You don’t have to tell me, I already know it’s Domino” then I was like “Let me guess who told you: Ad-” “Lili” she said and I was like “Wait, WHAT???” and she was like “Lili can’t keep a secret… but your secret is safe with me”

Adam came over and we explained what was going on and he told us that it was Lili that told other people but she didn’t tell Domino. Domino figured it out on his own. Then Domino told Adam that he knew that I like him. When Lili started telling people he wanted to warn me that the whole school knows but that gave me the impression that HE was the one that told people. How Domino figured out that I like him, I don’t know because I never talk to him….

So it WAS Lili! She was behind it all along! I should have known from all of the rumors that she spread about people. For instance she said Alania was insulting me and my friends. At first I was skeptical because Alania is too nice to do that but my friends were believing it so I went along. I should have known how obviously wrong that was. And no matter how much Lili claimed to have kept the secret she would never keep the trust of one of her friends.

And now guess what? Lili is duping all of my friends into being on her side while she’s secretly dissing them behind-the-scenes. I can’t believe I was stupid enough to trust her. I was avoiding her the entire day. She kept trying to cheer me up and was pretending to be my loyal friend but Once Upon A Time I encountered someone like this before. They will trick you and put you right where they want you and then they stab you in the back. Then they will try to be your friend again so they can do the same thing again. They are unforgivable and I already learned my lesson in my old school. Right now I don’t think I can trust anyone.

And the moral of the story? Friends can always be fake, so watch your back and trust no one until you know them really well.


“Trust takes years to build, seconds to break, and forever to repair” -Anonymous 


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