NEVER MIND!!!!!!!!!! LILI DIDN’T DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

So recently I was telling mom how Lili told people and mom was like are you sure and then I thought wait what if it wasn’t her… So I asked Alania if Lili told her for sure and she was like “What? No Adam told me and I assumed Lili told him” so then I was like oh no. Alania said she would ask Domino who told him and that would answer all of my questions. So she asked him and I was around to hear it and he said….



Yepppp… All this time I thought it was Lili but it WASN’T. So I texted Stella asking her if she told people and she said no so then I told her I already know she did and explained my story and she admitted she told. At first she seemed sad but then she started to get an attitude which told me that she didn’t care that I was hurt

And I even know why she did it. She wouldn’t tell me so I told mom and she said Stella probably likes Domino. So I was like: “Maybe she’s right… I’ll have to watch those two” and sure enough I saw them flirting with each other. Right now I don’t even care because Domino knew that Stella betrayed me and if he thinks thats ATTRACTIVE then I don’t want ANYTHING to do with him. What Stella did was DESPICABLE and I’m not talking to either of them. But thats no problem because it seemed like they hated me in the beginning so whats changed?

Other then thaaattt… life is pretty good. I took up guitar, am learning programming, auditioned for a school play and am getting all A’s. Plus I have WAY more friends then just Stella.

And the moral of the story? People can be extremely deceiving and they can hide their true selves by acting.

P.S. I have another blog that I will be writing on since I don’t want to clog up this one with 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 posts about my boring life and not give anyone else a chance. Its called The Life And Tales Of Jo. This will be the last time I will be posting on this blog so if you want to hear more from me then here is the link:

So baaaiii!!!!!!!!


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